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Entrepreneurial Workshop
Listen to some successful startup stories and the motivation you need.
Idea Lab
Present your creative ideas before a panel in 3 minutes
| Entry fees: Rs.200
(Winners will get a chance to pitch before Investors)
Startup Expo (Stalls)
Buy Stall Space and Exhibit your prototype or your valuable product.
Entry Fees:
Student: Rs.500
Others: Rs.1000
Enablement Space (Mentoring)
Participate in the Enablement Space to meet your mentors and get your start-up running
Investor's Pitch (B2B Meet)
A 2-minute presentation of your business idea to impress investors ||
Entry fees: Rs.1000
Startup Quest (Treasure Hunt)
A fun filled & challenging treasure hunt for a team of 5 members ||
Entry Fees (per group) = Rs.500
We offer you banners, logo display, ads in the souvenir, standees, logos in the communication material, logos in the website/social media platform/posters/ E-cell magazine in return of a sponsorship in cash or kind.
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