THREE-YEAR BACHELOR OF COMMERECE (Accounting & Finance) is Divided into six semesters

Semester I

1.1.Financial Accounting (Elements of Financial Accounting)-I
1.2.Cost Accounting (Introduction & Element of Cost)-I
1.3.Financial Management (Introduction of Financial Management)-I
1.4.Business Communication – I
1.5.Foundation Course – I
1.6.Commerce (Business Environment)-I
1.7.Business Economics – I

Semester II

2.1.Financial Accounting (Special Accounting Areas)-I
2.2.Auditing (Introduction & Planning)-I
2.3.Innovative Financial Services
2.4.Business Communication-II
2.5.Foundation Course-II
2.6.Business Law (Business Regulatory Framework)-I
2.7.Business Mathematics Applications -II

Semester III

3.1.Financial Accounting Paper (Special Accounting Areas)-III
3.2.Cost Accounting (Methods of costing)-II
3.3.Taxation – II (Indirect Taxes Paper-II)
3.4.Information Technology in Accountancy-I
3.5.Commerce (Financial Market Operations)-II
3.6.Business Law (Business Regulatory Framework)-II
3.7.Business Economics-II

Semester IV

4.1.Financial Accounting (Special Accounting Areas)-II
4.2.Management Accounting (Introduction to Management Accounting)-I
4.3.Taxation-III (Indirect Taxes-III)
4.4.Information Technology in Accountancy-II
4.5.Management (Introduction to Management)-I
4.6.Business Law (Company Law)-III
4.7.Research Methodology in Accounting.and Finance

Semester V

5.1.Financial Accounting-V
5.2.Cost Accounting-IV
5.3.Financial Management-II
5.4.Taxation – IV (Direct Taxes-I)
5.5.Management (Management
5.6.Financial Accounting VI

Semester VI

6.1.Financial Accounting-VII
6.2.Cost Accounting-V
6.3.Financial Management-III
6.4.Taxation – I (Direct Taxes – II)
6.5.Economics (Indian Economy)-III
6.6.Project Work-II


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