NES Ratnam College of Arts, Science & Commerce, affiliated to the University of Mumbai and re-accredited consecutively thrice with an ‘A’ grade by NAAC, was established in 1983 and has since then steadily evolved to establish itself as one of the leading institutions of higher education in Mumbai. Its individuality lies in its unapologetic insistence on discipline as top priority, the key to academic excellence and character building that informs the tone and tenor of all areas of campus life and beyond.

The College is named in memory of the late mother of its Founder-President whom he lost at the age of one.

Ratnam College occupies a place of pride among the 65 institutions of the NES-SVB Group founded by Dr R. Varadarajan. The College is the result of the vision and pioneering efforts of the Founder President who put his heart and soul into realizing his mission to make quality higher education accessible to the poor and under-privileged sections of society. Over the years the College has appreciably widened its reach to include students from all sections of society and has accordingly grown in faculty and infrastructural amenities that cater to more than 2500 students. It now offers a range of courses in Humanities, Commerce, Science, Management and also several short term, add on and skill development courses that cater to the diverse needs of students with widely varying potentialities and suitably empower them to become successful professionals in a technology driven, competitive world. With the setting up of the Ratnam Junior College of Science in 1990, the institution responded to the demands of the higher secondary students aspiring for a career in science.

Ratnam College is committed to developing global competencies in its students and providing an environment that enables faculty and students to express themselves in new and creative ways using progressively upgraded infrastructural facilities and digital technologies. The College has ICT enabled classrooms, an exhaustive reference section in the library, a state-of -the-art Audio-Visual room, a modern Gymnasium, an air conditioned Auditorium and well equipped laboratories including 2 fully upgraded Computer Laboratories.

At Ratnam, a team of highly qualified and dedicated teachers strictly ensure high quality pedagogy that produces graduates who are confident, innovative, adaptable and are in good demand from employers.