The College shares a strong bond with the alumni and they are involved in the following manner:

  • Inviting them to be a part of the departmental/college activities as guests, participants, judges, resource persons, mentors, and organizers.

  • Sponsoring activities of the department/college

  • Sponsoring economically backward students through the payment of their fees

  • Conducting of annual DJ nite by the alumni association for current students and alumni as well to strengthen the bond

  • Helping in the recruitment and placement of students.

  • Helping in conducting medical camps for students, faculty, and community.

  • The alumni also consult the faculty as regards career progression decisions.

  • Featuring their success stories through interviews in the departmental newsletter- Pathfinders

  • Inviting them to share valuable knowledge based on their expertise through articles in the newsletter

  • The ex-members of MUSE the movie Club are actively involved in socially relevant projects in which the current members also participate.